Trying Out Playmation by Disney

On Sunday morning we headed out to the Disney Store so the boys could participate in a demo (orientation) of Playmation. When it was time for the orientation to start we were greeted by two members of the Avengers Labs team and the boys were given their mission briefing packets.



Once they had their packets we were told that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had created Repulsor Gear in order to recruit others to fight alongside the Avengers. Once the boys introduced themselves to Jarvis and got the Repulsor Gear fitted on them they were taught a few of the moves.



Then we were shown the Power Activators and the boys started their training with Captain America.



Once they were done training with the Captain they went up against Iron Skull. Once Iron Skull was defeated the Avengers Labs team member tried to contact Jarvis but instead we got Ultron and the boys had to go defeat a few waves of Ultron bots.







At the end of the orientation the boys got Avengers lanyards, Avengers cards, and an ID card. Once we got in the car the boys opened the briefing packet and they got an Avengers Playmation comic book.


The boys thought it was fun and are super excited for Playmation to come out on October 4th. Has anyone else gone to a Playmation demo at the Disney Store?


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