TruMoo Halloween Milk

I wrote before about my BzzCampaign for TruMoo and said I would update once I had gotten a chance to get the milks. When I first wrote we had just received our BzzKit. If you are unfamiliar with BzzAgent as part of the BzzCampaign I received a coupon for free TruMoo in order to give my opinions. We found the chocolate milk shortly after that first post and the vanilla milk maybe a week so I apologize for just now writing this.

The boys love chocolate milk so we always have some in the fridge. TruMoo isn’t sold at our regular grocery store so we don’t get it often because of that but you can find it at Walmart. What I didn’t know before I started this campaign was that TruMoo has less sugar then other brands of chocolate milk, I believe the exact percentage is 35% less, and the taste is still great.

Samsung 003

Samsung 006

Along with our coupons for milk we also received a recipe card. One side was a Monster Mash Mudslide using the chocolate milk.

Samsung 013

The boys were really excited to make this and had fun doing so.

Samsung 011

Samsung 015

Samsung 016

Once they were done I poured them into cups, we halved the recipe so they were small and our ghosts don’t look nearly as good as the one on the recipe picture.

Samsung 022

Samsung 025

Samsung 026

Samsung 027

Once we were done making them we tasted them and this was the disappointing part. The boys didn’t care for their Monster Mash Mudslides and I didn’t either but I drank it anyways. The boys however didn’t drink theirs and just wanted the chocolate milk.

TruMoo’s Limited Edition Halloween Vanilla Milk is a little harder to find but it’s fun because it’s orange.

Samsung 002

Connor only tasted this one once and he said he liked it and it was good but he just prefers the chocolate. It has a very light vanilla flavor and tastes a lot like just white milk so I think that maybe if the vanilla flavor was more pronounced he would’ve liked it more. JT however loved this milk. I think he mostly liked the fact that it was orange and once we were out he asked for more of the orange milk.

The recipe card also had a recipe on the other side for Spooky Smoothies made with the vanilla milk so once again we gathered all our ingredients and made the smoothies. The boys really enjoyed putting candy corns in the smoothies once they were done.

Samsung 005

Samsung 003

Samsung 006

Samsung 011

Samsung 013

Samsung 014

Samsung 016

Samsung 017

Samsung 018

Once again unfortunately we didn’t like the smoothie. This time it may have been my fault though. We put in plain yogurt instead of vanilla yogurt and I’m sure it would have tasted better if the correct yogurt had gone in.

Regardless the boys had fun making the recipes and love the milk just by itself.

One last note, today is the last day to enter the Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation Sweepstakes so if you have some codes that you haven’t entered from your TruMoo Halloween milk caps you only have today to get them in.


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