Ice Cream Magic

The boys had been wanting Ice Cream Magic so I bought one for each of them. If you haven’t seen it, it looks like an ice cream cone and you make ice cream in it by shaking it.

It is fairly simple to do. You just put ice, salt, and water in the bottom chamber (the cone) and then you put the freezing bowl on and put your ingredients in that. If you wanted to make vanilla ice cream you would simply mix together the cream, vanilla extract, and sugar. For chocolate or strawberry you would add those same ingredients and chocolate or strawberry syrup.

Connor wanted to make chocolate ice cream and JT wanted strawberry.

Here is Connor after we put the ingredients in but before he started shaking.

Here is Connor after we put the ingredients in but before he started shaking.

Here is JT's before we closed it.

Here is JT’s before we closed it.

Shaking Time!!

Shaking Time!!

The ice cream is supposed to take 3 minutes. The boys shook theirs for 3 minutes but it was kind of ice creamy but it didn’t work very well. We shook them for another minute and you could tell that the bottom of their ice cream had more of the ice cream texture but I think we just aren’t good at shaking. This actually reminded me of the whipped cream I took to a picnic one time. You put heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar in a container and then when you are ready for whip cream you shake it. I tried shaking and the boys tried shaking and we weren’t able to do it but then Daddy tried shaking and he was able to make it into perfectly textured whipped cream. So…I’m pretty sure it can be shook into some good ice cream but the boys and I weren’t able to do it. Anyways though they were happy with it because it tasted good.

Samsung 004

Samsung 005


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