Wyndham Garden Hotel, Oklahoma City

While in Oklahoma City we stayed at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.  This wasn’t my first choice of hotel or area but I decided that I was going to try Priceline with this one.  I don’t rememeber why I decided to do this but I did.

I figured out that it would be fairly easy to use the Name Your Own Price feature on Priceline and narrow down which hotels you would get.  I compared the maps on the Name Your Own Price feature to the map listing of available hotels on their regular find a hotel thing.  I was only doing 3.5 stars and up…there were only three or four 3.5 star hotels available and one 4 star hotel available and I decided that any of these would be okay for the price.

Well, the hotel was just that…it was okay.  I will say that my overall experience was better here then at the Courtyard in Abilene.  The hotel was located near the airport and at first it doesn’t seem like a great area but there are a bunch of hotels around and quite a few restaurants so it was okay.  The negative to this was that we were approached by someone in the parking lot of the hotel asking for money.  This has never happened to me in a hotel parking lot before.

The hotel itself is only has two floors but it’s pretty big and I think they could use another elevator.  The middle of the hotel was open and the pool and the fitness center were here.

Samsung 111

Samsung 112

All of the rooms had a mini fridge and a microwave which is nice to have.

Samsung 110

The other thing that I liked about the hotel was that have room service. I am a fan of room service but I wasn’t impressed with the hotel’s restaurant. I didn’t eat in there but I had to go ask them for a menu because we were supposed to have a menu for room service in our room but we didn’t have one. The restaurant…I believe it was called Juniper’s…was dark and uninviting. It wasn’t like a romantic type of dark that some restaurants have, it was just kind of gloomy dark, it didn’t make me want to eat there. For room service we just ordered the boys breakfast.

Samsung 012

Some other negatives about this hotel were that one of the parking lot floods. It was the one that we could see from our window and luckily I didn’t park in that one. Also, the staff weren’t all the friendly and the hotel needs some work. If you look at the pictures of the pool and fitness center you’ll notice that some of the roof tiles are falling or missing. This was only the case in this area but it definately needs to be fixed.

I seem to have more negatives then positives at this hotel but even still it was okay. Like I said above I think the overall experience was better then the Courtyard by Marriot in Abilene but I wouldn’t choose to stay at either one again.

Pinkitzel, Oklahoma City

The last thing we did on JT’s birthday was get cupcakes from Pinkitzel.  Pinkitzel is a cupcake and candy store.  It’s very girly with lots of pink and black.  We got four cupcakes and I don’t remember exactly what they were but one was a strawberry, one was chocolate chip, another was oreo, and the other was pink lemonade.

Samsung 092

Samsung 093

Samsung 094

Samsung 095

Samsung 097

Samsung 098

As for the taste of the cupcakes…they were okay, which was as good as I expected them to be. I haven’t yet found a cupcake shop that sells really good cupcakes. To me, buying cupcakes from a cupcake shop is not necessarily for the taste but just because it’s fun. The cupcakes usually look pretty and it is fun for the boys to pick out which flavors they want.

Samsung 096

If anyone knows of a cupcake shop that actually sells really good cupcakes let me know.

Get Your Pops on Route 66

We went to Pops on Route 66 in Oklahoma for dinner on JT’s birthday. Pops is not actually in Oklahoma City, it’s in Arcadia but it’s really close.

Pops is a gas station and a restaurant. They have a big soda bottle outside that lights up and they have rows of soda bottles lined up the wall. I was actually hoping to go when it was dark so we could see the bottle lit up but it just gets dark too late during the summer for the boys.

Pops is easy to find, you can’t miss the giant soda bottle.

Samsung 077

According to their website they have over 600 sodas. When we arrived we sat down at a booth and then went to the coolers to pick out sodas. The sodas we ended up with were Jolt Cherry Bomb, Route 66 Lime Soda, Saranac Shirley Temple, and Joia Pineapple Coconut & Nutmeg.

Samsung 079

I originally wanted a cherry soda but since both boys ended up with cherry I figured I’d better get something else. So, I decided to look at the pineapple sodas and I thought that pineapple coconut sounded good but I wasn’t so sure about the nutmeg part. I decided to try it anyways. It was actually pretty good but I must say that I think it would have been better without the nutmeg. The nutmeg was only a light flavor and the pineapple coconut came through more.

I didn’t try the lime soda but I did try the two cherry ones. I liked the Shirley Temple but not the Cherry Bomb. I don’t really remember much about the flavors, I just know that I didn’t like the Cherry Bomb and neither did Connor.

I wanted to take a picture of Connor with the rows of soda bottles in the background. We weren’t centered perfectly but you can kind of imagine the rest of it I think. The building was all these glass windows and they slanted in like a pyramid and then all the sodas were in rows all the way up.

>Samsung 081

The boys got a corn dog with fruit. I actually have a picture of JT with his corn dog and you can see the rows of sodas also.

Samsung 083

Samsung 086

My mom and I had burgers. I had read that onion burgers are very popular in Oklahoma so I ordered an onion burger. We also ordered fries for everyone to share.

Samsung 084

Samsung 087

Samsung 088

From what I’ve read I think that Pops probably makes their onion burger a bit differently from other places but it was good. Once we were done eating I had the boys go stand by the soda bottle so I could take their picture but I had a really difficult time getting the entire bottle in the picture.

You can almost see everything in this picture.  The only thing you can't see is the bendy part of the straw.

You can almost see everything in this picture. The only thing you can’t see is the bendy part of the straw.

Oklahoma City Zoo

On JT’s birthday we visited the Oklahoma City Zoo. This zoo is huge. We barely made a dent in it. We started off at the Children’s Zoo, which is right in front, because they were having a storytime. Storytime is Tuesdays in June and July at Grandma’s Porch. They gave all the kids a snack to eat while they listened to the story.

Samsung 025

Samsung 003

Samsung 004

After the story one of the zookeepers came to talk to them about Hedgehogs. I don’t think I had ever actually seen a hedgehog before (other then Sonic) and it was really cute. I wish that they boys had wanted to get in line to see it so I could take a picture but they didn’t. 😦

After that they could go get a whale craft. They were able to make it there or take it home and the boys wanted to take it home.

After they picked up their whale craft we looked around the Children’s Zoo a little bit. The Lorikeet exhibit is in the Children’s Zoo and the boys wanted to go in there and feed them but they weren’t open yet so we never got back to it.

We did see other birds in the children’s zoo though. We saw flamingoes and parrots.

Samsung 005

Samsung 014

There were also a bunch of peacocks just roaming around.

This white peacock was hanging out on top of a building.

This white peacock was hanging out on top of a building.

Samsung 018

This peacock was blocking my way...he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and I couldn't get the stroller through.

This peacock was blocking my way…he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and I couldn’t get the stroller through.

Here are some other pictures from inside the Children’s Zoo:

Samsung 006

Samsung 008

Samsung 010

Samsung 013

Samsung 019

Samsung 020

After the Children’s Zoo we walked over to the Aquarium. On the way there they had a little butterfly garden and Connor took his picture as a butterfly.

Samsung 026

When we finally made it to the Aquarium we saw the sea lions first outside. They also have a sea lion show but not on Tuesdays so unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.

Samsung 027

Samsung 028

Then we went inside to the touch pool and to look at the other fish.

Samsung 029

Samsung 030

Samsung 032

Then we saw some meerkats.

Samsung 033

Samsung 034

Then the boys took a picture in another one of those things with the holes.

Samsung 039

After that we ate lunch but apparently I didn’t take a single picture so I must’ve been really hungry. We got cripsy tacos and they were actually really good. The boys got a kids meal with animal shaped chicken nuggets. They also got ICEEs.

After lunch we rode on the train. The train took us near the Giraffes and Zebras and into the exhibit with the deer. I don’t remember what kind of deer they were but they don’t look like any deer I have ever seen. There also weren’t any that were rally close to us. I took a picture of the ones hanging out in the mud.

Samsung 040

Samsung 044

Samsung 045

Samsung 049

Samsung 050

Once we got off the train the boys got Dippin’ Dots and we looked at the animals that were near the giraffes because they wanted to feed the giraffes and we had to wait for feeding time.



I'm not sure what this is but it was with the Okapi.

I’m not sure what this is but it was with the Okapi.

The boys with their Dippin' Dots and a Zebra in the background.

The boys with their Dippin’ Dots and a Zebra in the background.





A few minutes before feeding time the giraffes started walking towards the feeding platform. I guess they know when it’s time to eat. After the giraffes started walking over everyone got in line. The giraffes are fed pieces of lettuce and you get 3 pieces each. I think that the giraffe that the boys fed was named Bogie but I’m not positive.

Samsung 062

Samsung 063

Samsung 067

Samsung 069

Samsung 072

Samsung 073

Samsung 075

After feeding the giraffes we left the zoo. There are a whole bunch of other animals that we didn’t see because the zoo is so big but it was nice and we enjoyed it.

Coolgreens, Oklahoma City

For dinner on our first full day in Oklahoma City we went to Coolgreens. There are several locations but we went to the Nichols Hill Plaza location.

Samsung 142

Coolgreens is supposed to be all about fresh food. The menu consists of sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, flatbread pizzas, frozen yogurt, and smoothies. We got a Margarita Flabread Pizza and the boys shared the kid’s tasting plate. The kid’s tasting plate is perfect for my boys. In fact I would love a plate like that myself. They got to choose a protein, 3 vegetables, a cheese, and a crunch. We also got smoothies. Everything is supposed to be healthy so there are no regular fountain sodas here.

Samsung 144

Samsung 143

The pizza was good, it tasted really fresh and the boys ate up all the tomatoes, guacamole, and croutons, and carrots on their plate. I can’t remember if the protein they got was chicken or turkey but it was good. Connor doesn’t like cheese really except for on pizza, grilled cheese, and macaroni. However, he does like the cheese stick snacks so he tried the mozzarella but he didn’t like it. You can tell that it’s freshly made mozzarella but it really doesn’t have a taste to it. The smoothies were good but Connor stole mine. I had a tropical one and the boys got a strawberry banana one. The strawberry banana smoothie has almonds in it and they didn’t like the pieces of almond they got. I don’t usually have the strawberry banana smoothies but I tasted it and the almonds made all the difference in the smoothie. They added a really great flavor to it. We saw a lot of people order salads and the salads are huge.

I would recommend trying Coolgreens. Everything was fresh, fast, and good. The only downside is that it can get a bit pricey but still you should give it a try.