3 Terrific Reasons to Stay at The Trinity Hotel

Are you looking for a unique hotel? There’s one in Carlsbad, New Mexico called The Trinity Hotel. I came across it while checking out the Visit Carlsbad website and it sounded so cool that I knew we would have to stay there.

Here are 3 terrific reasons (in no particular order) why you should stay there too!

It’s a really cool, historic hotel.

The Trinity started out as First National Bank in 1892.

You can still see remnants of the hotel’s days as a bank. There is a wine room downstairs where you can see one of the safe doors and one of the suites has been named the Safe Room because it contains the second story safe which has been turned into a media room.

The are only 9 rooms!

The Trinity Hotel only has 9 rooms and they are very spacious. With only 9 rooms, you get to choose the room you want when making a reservation. There are two rooms downstairs and the rest are upstairs.

We stayed in one of the upstairs rooms, room 207. Both the room itself and the bathroom were spacious and comfortable. Our room had a queen bed along with a sofa bed.

The Trinity provides terrific amenities and extras.

A comfortable and spacious hotel room is not all that you’ll get when staying at The Trinity. They also provide several cool amenities.

In each room you’ll find a wine chiller with complimentary bottled waters. There are also complimentary Littlers fudge bites, which the boys loved. In the bathrooms, you’ll find Trinity bathrobes and nice bath products. Like most hotels, they also provide an ice bucket but along with the ice bucket there are wine glasses and a wine opener. I also happened to like the small plant on the night stand and the chandeliers in the hallway. They also provide ear plugs in the night stand in case you need them.

The Trinity also has a restaurant downstairs. We didn’t get to try it since we arrived late on a Saturday night but they do provide free pastries, coffee, and juice in the morning to hotel guests. Coffee is also not just limited to regular coffee; espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes are included. I was able to get a white chocolate mocha and a blueberry scone and the boys got orange juices. The Trinity also provides a free wine tasting daily from 4-7pm.

There was also an arcade game in the lobby that the boys enjoyed playing.

We loved our stay at The Trinity Hotel. We only stayed one night but the boys wanted to stay longer. The hotel staff and owner are also all very friendly and welcoming. We ended up coming late because of traffic in California that threw us off the day before but the owner waited for us to get there and then showed us to our room and gave us a little history about the hotel as well.

I highly recommend checking out The Trinity if you are ever in Carlsbad.

What other unique hotels do you recommend?

Las Cruces

Welcome back to Flashback Friday. Today I’m going to go back to March 2010 and write a little about the first stop on the boys’ first long trip- Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Connor was 3 and JT was nine months and we were going on a trip for my mom’s graduation. Her graduation was in Phoenix and the first place we drove to was Las Cruces. Las Cruces is about an eight hour drive from here.

It was St. Patrick's Day, this was his outfit.

It was St. Patrick’s Day, this was his outfit.

iphone1 1240

We brought stuff to make sandwiches for lunch and this is where we stopped.

We brought stuff to make sandwiches for lunch and this is where we stopped.

iphone1 1406

When we arrived in Las Cruces we checked in at our hotel. It was the Ramada Palms; I picked it because a saw it on the back of the Las Cruces Travel Guide and it looked nice. Connor was very excited to be at the hotel. I mostly have a bunch of blurry pictures though but here are the best three.

iphone1 890

iphone1 1560

iphone1 1059

The first place we visited in Las Cruces was the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

iphone1 1694

iphone1 1719

Historic Green Bridge

Historic Green Bridge

iphone1 926

iphone1 1550

iphone1 881

iphone1 841

iphone1 940

iphone1 913

iphone1 1177

Milking demonstrations in the Skaggs Dairy Barn

Milking demonstrations in the Skaggs Dairy Barn

The Organ Mountains

The Organ Mountains

iphone1 1364

iphone1 1524

iphone1 1600

iphone1 1366

iphone1 1363

iphone1 1370

iphone1 1163

iphone1 1432

iphone1 1450

iphone1 1535

After we left we also went to the Las Cruces Railroad Museum of which I only have one picture.

iphone1 1266

We also went to the Las Cruces Museum of Natural History which is now called the Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science. It was in the mall though and very small when we went.

Chuck E. Cheese was also in the mall and we went there too.

iphone1 1398

iphone1 1741

iphone1 1092

The next day we continued on to Phoenix and I will write about that next Friday.