Vote for Duck!- The Magik Theatre Presents Duck for President (Review & Giveaway!)

*Disclaimer: We were provided with complimentary tickets to see Duck for President. All opinions are our own honest opinions.*

This weekend we visited The Magik Theatre for their season opener. The Magik Theatre, located in downtown San Antonio, strives to bring children’s literature to life. Duck for President, written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin, is the latest book that they have brought to the stage. The play is adapted by James E. Grote. Music and lyrics are by George Howe and it is directed by Frances Limoncelli.



Here are the boys excitedly waiting for the show to begin.

Here are the boys excitedly waiting for the show to begin.

The boys and I truly enjoyed this play. We’ve been to several of the plays at The Magik Theatre and Duck for President tops my favorites.

The play features Farmer Brown and his animals, Pig, Hen, Cow, and of course, Duck. We watch as Duck decides to run for Farmer, Governor, and President. Each time he thinks that being in charge is going to be a lot of fun but then realizes the jobs are actually hard.

The show was cute and funny and the boys had fun quacking along. There are plenty of songs and jokes incorporated into the play and we were smiling and laughing throughout the entire show.

The show is about an hour long and when it’s over the actors line up by the theatre entrance to sign autographs and take pictures.

Farmer Brown

Farmer Brown









Connor and JT Say:

I’m putting both boys together because JT told me that he was going to say exactly what Connor said.

“I loved Duck for President! I love Farmer Brown and Duck! The play was really funny. Duck for President and Flat Stanley are my favorites so far.”

Duck for President will be running at the Magik Theatre through November 6, 2016. We highly recommend checking out this fun show. We’ve also been provided with a gift certificate good for 4 tickets to any showing of Duck for President for one lucky reader!
To enter the giveaway leave a comment letting us know that you want to vote for Duck. Also, make sure to leave us a comment on our Facebook page for another chance to win.

We’ll be taking entries through Wednesday October 12th, 2016 at 11:59 pm central and a winner will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday October 13th.

Congratulations to our winner, Erika!


Experience Playful Learning at the Curious World Tour!

Are you looking for some family friendly fun this 4th of July weekend? If you’re in San Antonio, you should consider coming out to Freedom Fest at Market Square and checking out the Curious World Tour. If you aren’t in San Antonio, don’t worry, the Curious World Tour’s Little Blue Truck will be continuing on to 7 other cities (Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles) after the stop in San Antonio.

So you’re probably wondering what the Curious World Tour is. The Curious World Tour was created by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) along with the Association of Children’s Museums and The Ultimate Block Party. It promises to be a fun, playful, and inspiring learning experience for all ages. The tour will feature fun HMH characters and will also be celebrating the 75th birthday of Curious George!


Here’s what Linda K. Zecher (President, CEO, and Director of HMH) had to say about the Curious World Tour:

“We know that children are born learning and that play and exploration are essential for healthy growth and development. Our goal with Curious World Tour is to bring unique, fun early learning experiences directly to children and families in their communities. HMH’s mission is to change lives by fostering passionate, curious learners, and our summer road trip is designed to engage, inspire, and remind us all that learning takes place everywhere.”

Curious World Tour

The Curious World Tour’s mobile learning experience will include 6 stations for kids to come play and learn. At each station, kids will also be able to check out the Curious World App which contains videos, games, and stories aimed at kids ages 2-7.

Here’s a look at what each of the 6 stations has to offer:

Curious World HQ: The welcome truck with a giant map featuring videos of children saying “hello” in multiple languages, where adventure leaders will give children the opportunity to plan and document their Curious World Tour journey with a Curiosity Log.

Story Camp: A tented library featuring HMH characters and award-winning stories – like Curious George, Gossie and Gertie, and the Five Little Monkeys – inviting kids to relax on tree-trunk stools and open up their imagination for story time.

Community Garden: An outdoor space for kids to engage in various food-learning exercises, such as planting their own seeds in a decorated pot that they can take home to water and watch grow.

Space Station: An extraterrestrial area expanding kids’ minds, encouraging them to think beyond planet Earth with the opportunity to make alien puppets, build space shuttles and learn about constellations in rocket ship light brites.

Jungle Jamboree: A play area with an open stage featuring special appearances by Curious George and others, where kids will learn about sound, rhythm and tunes on an interactive music wall.

#SparkAMind Color the World: A collaborative mural to help kids express their artistic side and learn about team work as they color in their favorite HMH characters alongside a local artist. Murals will be donated to education institutions and organizations that serve children and families in each local community.

Besides providing this fun and playful learning experience, HMH will also be partnering with local nonprofits to donate 7500 books and resources.

The Curious World Tour kicked off at Brooklyn Bridge Park this past weekend. Check out HMH on Facebook and Twitter to catch a glimpse of the fun heading this way.


Review- Golden Groundhog’s 100 Pokemon Cards with 2 Ultra Rare Legendary Pokemon

Have you ever purchased a Pokemon card lot from Golden Groundhog? We received a free lot in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are 100% my own. The lot we received is their 100 card lot that contains 2 ultra rare legendary Pokemon cards.


The lot we received had a really great variety of cards. There was a good assortment of all the different Pokemon types. The only type that we received very few of was the Steel but that seems to always be one of the rarest types. I think that it is the type that the boys have the least of.

Here is the full set that we received:


As you can see, there is plenty of every type. If you noticed, there are also 3 cards on the top that are not Pokemon. Each Golden Groundhog pack comes with 3 of their own special Golden Groundhog token cards. While they aren’t Pokemon, they are something extra that you receive and you could probably use them as an extra added element to your Pokemon game.



This particular lot promised 2 ultra rare cards. The cards we received were the Rayquaza EX and the Yveltal EX. The boys were pretty excited about both of these cards.


Overall I think that this lot of Pokemon cards is a pretty good set. The boys received a lot of cards that they didn’t have and we received a really great variety. You can find this lot on Amazon. The cards won’t be exactly the same but you should receive a similar assortment. If your kid is a Pokemon fan like Connor and JT then I’m sure they’d love this Pokemon pack.


Trying Out Playmation by Disney

On Sunday morning we headed out to the Disney Store so the boys could participate in a demo (orientation) of Playmation. When it was time for the orientation to start we were greeted by two members of the Avengers Labs team and the boys were given their mission briefing packets.



Once they had their packets we were told that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had created Repulsor Gear in order to recruit others to fight alongside the Avengers. Once the boys introduced themselves to Jarvis and got the Repulsor Gear fitted on them they were taught a few of the moves.



Then we were shown the Power Activators and the boys started their training with Captain America.



Once they were done training with the Captain they went up against Iron Skull. Once Iron Skull was defeated the Avengers Labs team member tried to contact Jarvis but instead we got Ultron and the boys had to go defeat a few waves of Ultron bots.







At the end of the orientation the boys got Avengers lanyards, Avengers cards, and an ID card. Once we got in the car the boys opened the briefing packet and they got an Avengers Playmation comic book.


The boys thought it was fun and are super excited for Playmation to come out on October 4th. Has anyone else gone to a Playmation demo at the Disney Store?

Giving Thanks Giveaway

It is time for Giving Thanks!

Now is the time when friends and families get together to give thanks for all the wonderful things they’ve been given throughout the year. We Three Moms (Anderson’s Angels, The Joy of Mama Joyner and The More The Merrier), are so very thankful for our families and everything we have, we’ve joined with over 100 other wonderful bloggers, to bring you another huge giveaway event! I am excited to be one of these bloggers able to offer this giveaway. One winner will take home all of the prizes we’ve managed to put together (it’s almost $600 in prizes!) for The Giving Thanks Giveaway! Make sure to check out all the prizes and then scroll down and click on the entry form link. Good luck to everyone!

Giving Thanks Prize Collage

We’ve gathered prizes for the whole family! Here is a list of our Sponsors & the prizes ~

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Rollors – Rollors Game – $50
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DIsclosure: Anderson’s Angels, Joy Of Momma Joyner, The More The Merrier, and all other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. The sponsors will send the prizes directly to the winner. We are also not responsible for any unfortunate accidents that result from the use of any of these products.