JT’s YouTube Introduction

The last time I wrote about YouTube I said that Connor started making videos about toys and stuff like the ones that he likes to watch. Well, JT has gotten into it too now. He wanted to do videos of his own toys but for the most part his videos are just of him playing.

JT has done 3 videos on his own. His first one was about all his Mickey Mouse toys…the ones I could find anyway, I know there were a few things missing. It was a little difficult to do because he kept running around but he was really excited. He also did a video of a Lego Duplo set and his McDonald’s. He really enjoys being in the videos and on some of Connor’s videos you’ll hear him saying look at me. As I did with Connor I’m going to put one of JT’s videos up here. I think I will do his Lego video though instead of his first one. So, here it is:

Connor is really looking forward to doing some giveaways like some of the others do so I’m hoping to get a few subscribers to their channel. He’s been waiting to his video about the giveaways but I told him it won’t really work if nobody is watching. So, I encourage you to take a look and if you have any kids that would like to receive some trashies from the Trash Pack keep a look out for his giveways. Thanks for reading.


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