Welcome – About Us

Welcome to Where Connor and JT Go!

My name is Jennifer; Connor and JT are my two sons. Connor is 9 and JT is 7. This blog is about everywhere that Connor and JT go and everything they do.

Connor 9


We love traveling, parties, and cooking. I spend hours…days…months…researching and planning trips and parties so I’m hoping that somebody will find what I write about useful in their own planning.

We also have posts on art and crafts as well as books and reviews.

Select a month, click on your favorite category, or check out our latest posts (Have you tried the Lone Star Stack?, Experience Playful Learning at the Curious World Tour!, Finding American Quarter Horses in Amarillo, Raising Sleeping Stones- Book Blast & Givewaway, Review- Golden Groundhog’s 100 Pokemon Cards with 2 Ultra Rare Legendary Pokemon) to get started. I hope you enjoy our posts!






*Above 3 photos taken at the Omni Hotel Dallas at Park West. Photography by JR Kenworthy 2011

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