Welcome – About Us

Welcome to Where Connor and JT Go!

My name is Jennifer; Connor and JT are my two sons. Connor is 9 and JT is 7. This blog is about everywhere that Connor and JT go and everything they do.

Connor 9


We love traveling, parties, and cooking. I spend hours…days…months…researching and planning trips and parties so I’m hoping that somebody will find what I write about useful in their own planning.

We also have posts on art and crafts as well as books and reviews.

Select a month, click on your favorite category, or check out our latest posts (Selfies in the Wild Blog Tour, Review, & Giveaway, Kidcation Week San Antonio 2016 & Giveaway!, Breakfast at the Garden GrillVisitng the World of Chocolate, Have you tried the Lone Star Stack?) to get started. I hope you enjoy our posts!






*Above 3 photos taken at the Omni Hotel Dallas at Park West. Photography by JR Kenworthy 2011

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