Dragon’s Future


Welcome to the release event for Dragon’s Future by Kandi Wyatt! This is the book 1 of the middle grade fantasy series and it’s now available for sale!

About the Book:

Dragon's Future Cover
Every child of Woolpren dreams of becoming one, but only a few are chosen. Now, ten-year-old twin brother and sister, Ruskya and Duskya, have been selected to join an elite group of riders: dragon riders. Full of awe and excitement, the twins leave their mother, and their home, to train for their new lives.

Fifteen years later, dragons are becoming extinct and riders are rare. One day, Ruskya is at the general store in town when a man announces that he is recruiting new dragon riders. Ruskya goes undercover, and discovers that there is another colony of riders with their own agenda—a quest to find a mysterious plant that could restore the dragon population, or destroy it. When a battle erupts between the two colonies, it’s up to Ruskya and his friends to fight for their dragons’ future, and their lives.

Follow Ruskya’s quest as he finds courage and friendship in this exciting middle grade fantasy series by new author Kandi J Wyatt.

About the Author:

Kandi Wyatt Author Picture
Kandi J Wyatt is a wife, mother of five, teacher, artist, and author. In her free time, she enjoys writing fantasy stories and Christmas programs, and drawing with graphite and colored pencils. Portraits are her specialty. Kandi also enjoys photography, thanks to her photographer husband who has let her join his journey as both his model and apprentice, and she occasionally serves as his assistant when he needs a “light stand with feet.” To learn more, visit kandijwyatt.wordpress.com.

One (1) paperback copy of Dragon’s Future (US only)
Ends Aug. 25th
Prizing provided by the publisher, hosts are not responsible in any way.
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Pizza Fun at CiCi’s


Last week the boys and I were lucky enough to get invited to CiCi’s Pizza for a blogger event. We had a lot of fun. The boys got to play games, color, and make their own personal pizzas while I learned about the new limited time Unlimited Stuffed Crust Pizza and Fiery Mango Tango Pizza.


The CiCi’s we went to was really nice inside. I imagine it’s a newer one. The one by our house has been around for a very long time and but this one really looked brand new. The restaurant was laid out really well and it felt very open and spacious. The arcade was also nice and open as well.

The first thing that we did was learn all about the new Unlimited Stuffed Crust Pizza. We got to see exactly how it was made before getting to make our own.

    The dough is made fresh daily and once it is put into the pan the edges are then pressed up on to the sides of the pan.



    The next is putting 100% real mozzarella cheese along the edges and wrapping the dough over the cheese.




    Once both sides of the stuffed crust are done they par-bake the crust before adding the toppings.



    Moving on to the toppings-the sauce is spread on carefully to avoid it getting on the stuffed crust edge. Next, cheese is sprinkled on top of the sauce and then 20 pepperonis are placed on the pizza. The pepperonis are placed in 4 rows of 5. The pepperonis that are on the edge overlap the crust slightly and then the next row overlaps that row slightly. The reason they have such a strategic way to place the pepperonis is to ensure that when they cut it each slice has exactly 2 pepperonis.

023 (2)




    Before the pizza goes into the oven they sprinkle on Italian seasoning.


Once we knew how to assemble our pizzas we lined up to make our own.



Here is my pizza ready to go in the oven.

Here is my pizza ready to go in the oven.

While we had been learning to make the Unlimited Stuffed Crust pizza the kids had already made and started eating their own pizzas.



As we waited for our pizzas to bake we learned about the Fiery Mango Tango Pizza. This pizza was inspired by Eddie Jackson’s winning pizza on Food Network Star. The pizza is made with a blend of mango, pineapple, and jalapeno with a cream cheese icing all on a cinnamon sugar crust.



Once our Stuffed Crust Pizza was out of the oven we had to put on the finishing touch- garlic butter on the crust. We also learned how to cut the pizza.





My completed Stuffed Crust Pizza!

My completed Stuffed Crust Pizza!

I really enjoyed my Stuffed Crust Pizza, especially the stuffed crust part. The boys got to have some at home for a snack since I only ate one slice of pizza at CiCi’s. Connor especially really loved it. He actually ate full slices which he doesn’t normally do.



We also received gift bags and inside was a $10 gift card that we’re giving away. The giveaway is running on our Facebook page until Monday August 3rd at 9pm central time. If you’d like to enter head over to the page and comment with your favorite pizza.



CiCi’s Unlimited Stuffed Crust will be on the menu until October 25th and the Fiery Mango Tango Pizza is only on the menu until August 16th. Make sure to stop by your nearest CiCi’s location soon if you’d like to try both.

The Kitchen at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard

About two weeks ago we went to Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard. It is in Elmendorf which is just south of San Antonio.

On Saturdays they have a free tour which I would have liked to do but we did not go on a Saturday.



As you walk into the building you see the gift shop in front of you and the dining area off to the left. The dining area is small with only a few tables. There actually wasn’t an available table but they brought another one out for us.


We started off with a starter of bread and a couple of olive dips/toppings.

Starting from the top we have: Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Butter, Olive Pesto, Olive Leaf Jelly, and Olive Tapenade

Starting from the top we have:
Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Butter, Olive Pesto, Olive Jelly, and Olive Tapenade

Connor’s favorite was the olive leaf jelly and JT liked both the olive leaf jelly and the olive oil and possibly the olive butter. I also liked the olive leaf jelly. It had just a slight sweetness to it and it was really surprisingly quite good. I really didn’t like the olive tapenade but the olive pesto was not bad at all. I liked that one. The olive oil was fine; it tasted the way olive oil should and the olive butter basically tasted like olive oil as well.

For our meal the boys had the Margherita Pizza and Connor also had a cup of tomato basil soup. I had the Olive Pesto Chicken Sandwich.




The pizza looked good and the boys liked. They also really liked the soup. JT ended up eating some as well. The Olive Pesto Chicken Sandwich was delicious. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. I don’t order chicken sandwiches very often and when I have they’ve been fine but this was the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. The sandwich was flavorful and the chicken was moist and tender. I really loved it and highly recommend it. I would definitely order that sandwich again.

If you’re in San Antonio and feel like taking a short drive you should go try The Kitchen at Sandy Oaks out and let me know what you think.

Sorcerer Mickey Invitations


Last month JT had a Sorcerer Mickey birthday party and I would like to share how we made the invitations.

I wanted the background of the invitation to be a night sky filled with stars. We went to Micheal’s and I initially was hoping they would have paper with a night sky design but they didn’t. Instead we bought blue paper, white glitter glue (and gold and silver), and some tiny stars. I also wanted to get some old fashioned looking paper and they didn’t really have that either so I got the closest paper I could find.


The first thing we did was cut the blue paper in half and the cream colored paper in quarters. Connor had the idea of doing a spell scroll so we cut the quarters to kind of resemble a scroll shape. Once those were cut out I glued the scroll shape to the blue paper and also glued on a Sorcerer Mickey. Once everything was in place I used the white glitter glue to dot stars all over the remaining blue space.


I decided since this was a party invitation we would write a summoning spell on it. I made up the spell and then translated it into Latin. The only word that wasn’t Latin was summonus. The boys just liked that word. I wanted to make everything look sparkly and magical so I wrote the spell out in a grey sharpie and then traced over it with a metallic gold gel pen.


Once I had all the information in place I had some leftover space at the bottom of the scroll so I addded in alternating stars and crescent moons in the gold and silver glitter glue. I also purchased red envelopes and decorated those as well. On the front of the envelope I glued on another Sorcerer Mickey picture and then used the gold and silver glitter glue to make swirls of magic that went across the envelope and onto the back. Where the magic swirls ended on the back I wrote “Let the Magic Begin!” and ended it with a Mickey head.


So there you have the completed Sorcerer Mickey birthday party invitation. They are fairly simple to make and we were really happy with the way they turned out.

Trying Out Playmation by Disney

On Sunday morning we headed out to the Disney Store so the boys could participate in a demo (orientation) of Playmation. When it was time for the orientation to start we were greeted by two members of the Avengers Labs team and the boys were given their mission briefing packets.



Once they had their packets we were told that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had created Repulsor Gear in order to recruit others to fight alongside the Avengers. Once the boys introduced themselves to Jarvis and got the Repulsor Gear fitted on them they were taught a few of the moves.



Then we were shown the Power Activators and the boys started their training with Captain America.



Once they were done training with the Captain they went up against Iron Skull. Once Iron Skull was defeated the Avengers Labs team member tried to contact Jarvis but instead we got Ultron and the boys had to go defeat a few waves of Ultron bots.







At the end of the orientation the boys got Avengers lanyards, Avengers cards, and an ID card. Once we got in the car the boys opened the briefing packet and they got an Avengers Playmation comic book.


The boys thought it was fun and are super excited for Playmation to come out on October 4th. Has anyone else gone to a Playmation demo at the Disney Store?

Minions Movie Review

We went to an advanced screening of Minions on Tuesday. The movie is basically a prequel to Despicable Me. We see where the Minions came from and follow along with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as they attempt to find a boss for the tribe. They travel to Orlando to attend Villain-Con and meet Scarlett Overkill. She promises them they can all work for her as long as they steal the Queen’s crown for her.


So, did I like the movie? Yes, I did but I didn’t love it. I think that Despicable Me was a much better movie. The movie was cute at times and there were definitely some funny parts but there was also a lot of slap stick and I personally am just not a fan of slap stick comedy. What I did love was the ending. I thought the ending was really cute and I loved it. That was my favorite part.

The boys liked the movie but didn’t really have much to say about it.

JT Says:

“First off I liked it and second the funny part was the giant…the giant…the giant! Giant Kevin.”

Connor Says:

“I liked it. My favorite part was the beginning when they told us how the Minions had been around longer then humans. I forgot what the funniest part was. It was kind of funny when Kevin was a giant and the Minions speak a mixture of Spanish and other stuff.”

Minions comes out in theaters tomorrow, July 10th. Let us know what you think of it.

Happy Tails


Two weeks ago we visited one of the San Antonio library branches and saw a presentation by Happy Tails. I really loved the presentation. It was entertaining and educational.

There were two presenters and we were told they were taking us on a mini tour of Africa so we would be seeing five African animals. The first animal to come out was an African Porcupine named Hasani. Hasani is African for handsome. Hasani was walked back and forth and since the kids were all sitting on the floor I couldn’t get a picture of him.

The next animal to come out was an adorable hedgehog who I think was named Rascal followed by an African Spurred Tortoise named Tiny.


Next to come out was a ball python whose name I do not recall.


The last animal was a Ring Tailed Lemur. The Lemur was a lot of fun.



I was really amazed at what a great presentation this was. The presenters were able to keep it really entertaining and they packed in a lot of information about each animal. At the end they brought out the Hasani the porcupine and the python to pet and take pictures with.




Was anyone else able to catch a Happy Tails presentation? What was your favorite animal?