Discover Brookside

*Disclosure: I received a free bag of Brookside Clusters to sample. A blog post was not required and all opinions are my own.*

I was chosen to receive a free sample of Brookside Clusters through Crowdtap. The bag I was received was the Berry Medley flavor. I wasn’t familiar with Brookside before but after I received the sample I noticed people snacking on these and I saw them at the store.


All of the Brookshire chocolates are dark chocolate and there are four different flavors. There is the pomegranate, acai and blueberry, goji and raspberry, and the crunchy clusters in berry medley. The Crunchy Clusters are clusters of multigrain and fruit centers. They are then covered in dark chocolate.

When I first tried them just out of the bag I liked them. They are crunchy but the bigger pieces are a little chewier. The primary flavor to me is the chocolate and it’s followed up with the slightly sweet berry flavor. The flavor combination works really well.

JT was really excited to try these. He loves chocolate but he didn’t like them. I was really surprised because he will even eat bittersweet baking chocolate if you let him.


I made some sundaes with the Brookside Clusters as a topping and they tasted even better in the sundae than by themselves. They seemed to be crunchier in the sundae which I really liked. I made sundaes using both strawberry and vanilla. Then I added a layer of chopped strawberries, whipped cream, and then the Brookside Clusters and a cherry.



I was hoping JT would like them in the ice cream but he didn’t. Connor however is not a big fan of chocolate and didn’t want to try these but he really liked them on his sundae.

I’m glad I got to Discover Brookside and would really love to try the other flavors.

Rawhide, Arizona

I’ve gotten super behind on these Flashback Friday posts but the last time I wrote one I promised a Rawhide post next so here we go.

Rawhide is a western town and steakhouse in Chandler, Arizona which is right by Phoenix. We went here back in March of 2010. I was just taking a look at the website and it seems that there are a couple of different things but you can see how it was when we went. I have a lot of blurry pictures so I’ll try to pick out the best.

This is over the entrance to Rawhide. I took it when we left so it was dark and there were these 2 bright lights right next to the sign so this didn't come out well but I figured I should use it anyways.

This is over the entrance to Rawhide. I took it when we left so it was dark and there were these 2 bright lights right next to the sign so this didn’t come out well but I figured I should use it anyways.

We’ll start off with a few views of the town and as with any good western town there was a general store.












The first thing we did was ride on the train and then ride on the stagecoach. Looking at the website I don’t think they have the train anymore and the stagecoach ride looks different.



106 (2)






Here are the horses that pulled the stagecoach. According to the website, the stagecoach is now pulled by mules.

Here are the horses that pulled the stagecoach. According to the website, the stagecoach is now pulled by mules.

We sat on the top in back of the stagecoach.

We sat on the top in back of the stagecoach.

After that Connor rode on some of the little rides while JT watched. Then we went to go eat in the steakhouse.




Connor had one of his favorite foods- ribs. He also got a sheriff's badge. I don't remember what I ate; I'm sure it was steak. I do remember that it was good though.

Connor had one of his favorite foods- ribs. He also got a sheriff’s badge. I don’t remember what I ate; I’m sure it was steak. I do remember that it was good though.

They also had a band playing in the steakhouse.

They also had a band playing in the steakhouse.

Once we were finished with dinner Connor rode on a donkey and attempted to toast to marshmallows and rope hay bale cattle.

iphone1 902


iphone1 1086


iphone1 1481

After that we left. We enjoyed it and had fun and I would go back again.

Discover Campbell’s

I was chosen by Crowdtap to be a part of a group of Campbell’s Tasters. The goal was to discover Campbell’s. I received a bunch of Campbell’s products for free to sample and review.


Here’s a list of everything that was included:

Campbell’s Skillet Sauces- Creamy Parmesan Chicken
Campbell’s Condensed Soup- Creamy Poblano & Queso
Campbell’s Soups for Easy Cooking- Savory Portobello Mushroom
Campbell’s Chunky- Beer-N-Cheese w/Beef and Bacon
Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style- Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup
Campbell’s Spaghettios Micros
Prego Light Alfredo Sauce
Swanson Traditional Cream Starter
Campbell’s Cutting Board, Wooden Spoon, Tote Bag, & Shaker
There was also a booklet with some recipes and coupons. A coupon for a free bottle of one of the new v8 flavors was included but we didn’t find it in the store.

The first thing I tried was the Campbell’s Creamy Parmesan Chicken Skillet Sauce.


I just followed the directions on the back exactly. It was super simple, quick and pretty good. They have a bunch of different flavors and I think they are worth a try.

The next thing I made was a dish using the Campbell’s Savory Portobello Mushroom. First I sauteed some onions and then added in mushrooms. After that I cooked pieces of chicken and then tossed it all together with some spinach and then added in the Savory Portobello Mushroom.


I was really excited to try this one but unfortunately I did not like it all. I use the regular Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom a lot and I love it so I was hoping to feel the same about this one but that was not the case. It had this one flavor to it that I just didn’t like. If I remember correctly I think I looked at the box and saw that it had dill in it and I’m pretty sure that’s what that flavor was. I personally don’t like the taste of dill.

Next up was the Prego Light Alfredo Sauce. I found a recipe for chicken enchiladas using this so I decided to try that but I didn’t really follow the recipe. What I did was cut the chicken into small pieces and cooked it. While I cooked the chicken I also broiled some broccoli, onions, and bell peppers. Once everything was cooked I put some Alfredo sauce on the bottom of my pan and then rolled up the chicken, vegetables, and some cheese in corn tortillas and placed those on top of the sauce. I then topped that with more sauce, more cheese, and more vegetables.


This was good. They were definitely not your traditional enchiladas but the Prego Light Alfredo Sauce worked really well in them.

The next product I tried was the Campbell’s Creamy Poblano & Queso. One of recipes in the booklet was a recipe for Creamy Poblano Mac & Cheese. It sounded good so I decided to try it. It used the Creamy Poblano & Queso soup, macaroni (we used mini bow pasta), cheddar jack cheese, bell pepper, and cilantro.


This turned out okay. I think it would have been better with more of the cheddar jack cheese.

The last recipe I made was another one from the booklet. I made the loaded potato soup using the Swanson Traditional Cream Starter. Mine wasn’t exactly loaded because I left out the bacon. I know everyone usually always loves bacon but I don’t. I like bacon by itself but not in anything else.


Not at all a great picture but I figured a picture of the finished soup was needed.

Not at all a great picture but I figured a picture of the finished soup was needed.

The potato soup was good and Connor said it was yummy. The Swanson Cream Starter made it really easy to use. The recipe for the potato soup is on the back of the box if you decide to try it.

The last picture I have is for the Campbell’s Chunky Beer-N-Cheese w/Beef and Bacon. All I did with this was heat it up and try it with some bread.


This was fine. I think a lot of people would probably like it. For me though it would have been better if it was just Beer-N-Cheese soup without the beef and bacon.

Moving on to the Campbell’s Spaghettios Micros. They are just like regular Spaghettios but they’re made for the microwave so they are super convenient. The boys ate it, loved it and wanted more.

I didn’t try the Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style Roasted Chicken Soup but the boys did and I hear it was good.

So, that is the end of my experience with some of these new Campbell’s products. Overall I think the are worth a try. Have you discovered any new Campbell’s products? If you have, let me know which ones and what you thought.

Zoku Pops, Shakes, & Slushes


Last weekend we hosted a Zoku Holiday Pops Party. I was one of 30 lucky hosts chosen by Tryazon to host this party. In exchange for hosting the party and writing a review we received a bunch of really cool Zoku products for free. I was really excited to host this party because the boys love food makers so I knew that they would love the Zoku products.


The star product in the lineup here is the Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker. This allows you to make some really yummy pops quickly. The Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker is really simple to use. Before your first use it needs to be in the freezer for 24 hours but after that you can just store it in your freezer that way it’s ready to go whenever you’re ready to make some pops. You can make nine pops before you need to re-freeze it.


The Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker includes 6 sticks, 6 drip guards, and the super tool. To make pops you simply put the sticks (without drip guards) into the mold and then fill the mold with your pop recipe. It takes about 7 minutes to freeze and when it’s ready you use the super tool to loosen the pop from the mold and then you can put the drip guard on and take the pop out. Your pop recipe can be as simple as just using your favorite juice. There are so many other fun recipes that you can make though. I also received the Quick Pops recipe book that had many different recipes broken down by category including chocolate, fruity, and ice cream. You can also find recipes on Zoku’s blog.

With Zoku you also don’t have to limit your pops to one solid flavor. With the help of the Zoku Tools you can use several flavors to make cool designs and add fruits or candies. The tools included are a siphon, an angle tray, a heart stencil, a star stencil, a fruit wand and 3 pour cups. All of the tools come in really handy. The pour cups allow you to easily pour your pop recipe into the pop maker with no mess. The siphon is used when making pops with different angles and also when making core pop that have a surprise flavor in the middle. The heart and star stencil are used to cut out star and heart shapes from fruit and then the fruit wand allows you to place your fruit (or candies, cookies, etc.) onto the sides of the molds. Last but not least, the angle tray helps you make all the different shapes.

I used my angle tray to make pops with a Christmas tree shape in the middle. I used the Kiwi recipe from the Quick Pops recipe book for the tree section and the pineapple recipe for the rest of the pop. I also used a star shaped piece of Kiwi as a star on top of the tree.



Other pops we made were the Mango, Tartufo, Oh Fudge, and Cookies n’ Cream.

Another fun product Zoku has is the Chocolate Station. They have a really great quick shell recipe that you can make to add a chocolate shell to your pop. The Chocolate Station makes it easy to dip your pops in the chocolate. It also comes with two trays to add sprinkles, nuts, or candies as well. There is also a spoon to drizzle the chocolate rather than dip.




I also received the Zoku Storage Case. The storage case has an airtight top and can hold 6 pops.


In addition to all the fun pop items I also received the Zoku Slush and Shake Maker. The Zoku Slush and Shaker Maker can also make smoothies. This can also be stored in your freezer and needs at least 8 hours in the freezer before you use it. Like the pop maker it is also really easy to use. You simply fill it up with the slush, shake, or smoother recipe of your choice then let that sit for about a minute before using the included spoon to scrape the sides and stir. You continue this until your drink is ready, about 7 minutes. The first drink I tried with this was a simple Dr. Pepper slush. For the party I decided to go with milkshakes. The Art of Slush has plenty of great recipes and it has a really great recipe for a root beer float milkshake. You can of course substitute the root beer with a different soda. For the party I gave everyone a choice of Cherry Dr. Pepper or Coke and the Cherry Dr. Pepper won the vote.



I highly recommend checking out all the Zoku products. They are a lot of fun and so easy to use. I really enjoyed my experience with all of the products I received and the boys enjoyed trying several different pop recipes. I am so glad I was able to host the Zoku Holiday Pops Party.

The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle

*Disclosure: I was given a free eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

I wrote a review of the second book of The Dream Ten the other day and today I’m going backwards and reviewing book one. The first book of the series by A.D. Erving is The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle.

Screenshot (248)

I really enjoyed this book and I think Connor enjoyed it as well. As I wrote in my previous review, each book seems to be about a different player on the team. The second book was about Tony but told from Larry’s point of view. In David’s Miracle David is the narrator and we get to see how the Dream Ten formed.

I found the story to be engaging and there was plenty of basketball in this one for the basketball fans. At the beginning of the book we learn that David is sad about not making a certain basketball team and he almost gives up basketball altogether. However, eventually he ends up playing again because he truly loves the game and finds others that love it as much as he does and they end of forming the Dream Ten. I think this sends a great message that you shouldn’t give up on something you really love doing.

Screenshot (249)

The book is a chapter book that is easily read. There are a few pictures throughout and for some reason I remember the pictures much more in this book than in book two. I definitely recommend checking this book out, especially if you have a young basketball fan. You can find The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle on Amazon.

Where’s Tony?

*Disclosure: I received this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

The Dream Ten is a series of books by A.D. Erving. The second book in the series is called Where’s Tony?.

Screenshot (245)

The book was different than I expected. The Dream Ten is a basketball team and each book in the series has to do with one of the team members. I was expecting more of a basketball related book but found that it had more to do with one of the team members going missing and their search for him. Towards the halfway point of the book Tony goes missing and it is because his entire family was arrested and deported. Tony was not deported with the rest of the family and the team works together to find him and get him released.

I did find the book interesting though and the first half had enough basketball in it to make the first part interesting for Connor. I’m not sure what age I would recommend this for. I find it to be kind of like a middle grade book however the fact that Tony went missing because his family got deported makes me think that maybe it is better for kids that are a little older. It is an easy read though and even with 21 chapters you can get through the entire book quickly.

You can check out The Dream Ten: Where’s Tony? on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

Abigail and the Sahara Desert Adventure Review

*Disclosure: I received this eBook for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Today I am reviewing another eBook by Tali Carmi. The book is called Abigail and the Sahara Adventure.

Screenshot (244)

This book reminded me of the Terry Treetop books also written by Tali Carmi. In this book a little girl named Abigail goes to visit her grandparents and then uses a magical bike to go on an adventure. In this book Abigail visits the Sahara Desert.

Screenshot (247)

The book is a cute and short picture book. Along with being entertained by the story kids will get a very brief introduction to the Sahara Desert. I would recommend this book for kids up to age 6.

JT Says:

JT said that he really liked the bike in this book. He said he’d like to go to the toy store, bowling, the zoo, and somewhere that he can see the whole ocean if he had that bike.

You can check out Abigail and the Sahara Adventure on Amazon.